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New Juvenile Books

- Nightbooks               by: White, J. A.
- The Boy, the Boat, and the Beast           by: Clark, Samantha
- The Game Masters of Garden Place         by: Markell, Denis
- Minecraft: The Crash                  by: Baptiste, Tracey
- The Lifters            by: Eggers, Dave
- Team Players         by: Lupica, Mike

- Charlie Brown: Here We Go Again         by: Schulz

- My Book of Rocks and Minerals              by: Dennie, Devin
- Create Your Own Blog                   by: Kenney, Karen
- Disgusting Jobs During the Civil War                    by: Budd, Anitra
- Disgusting Jobs in Modern America                      by: Summers, Jacque
- Disgusting Jobs on the American Frontier             by: Yasuda, Anita
- Houston, We've Had a Problem: The Story of the Apollo 13 Disaster              by: Rissman, Rebecca
- The Biggest Engineering Failures            by: Miller, Connie
- The Biggest Military Battles                    by: Miller, Connie
- The Biggest Plane Crashes                     by: Miller, Connie

- Jack and the Geniuses                by: Nye, Bill
- Wild Rescuers: Guardians of the Taiga         by: Hinojosa, Stacy
- Ranger in Time: Hurricane Katrina Rescue          by: Messner, Kate

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